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How to eat a cupcake, like a gentleman, especially if you are a beard-tastic man.

haha! love it!


So I was in Buchanan Galleries last night, shopping away minding my own business, when I was torn away from shop windows to a cute wee cupcake popup stall. I spent a good 10/15 minutes running around it with my mate pointing at all the amazing cakes and flavours. Ending up buying 6 because I couldn’t narrow my pickings down any further :P Irn Bru, Oreo, Chocolate Sensation, Ice Cream, Jammy Dodger, and a Chocolate Orange cupcake. So cute!! :)They’re not vegan, my sister happily gobbled down these cakes, but I did get something out of this. Inspiration!! Watch this space, The Vegan Cookie Jar is venturing into cupcake territory!! 
I made a giant slab of brownie. Vegan brownies!! :D nom nom nom!

I made brownies. They’re rather wonderful. :)

had a wee baking afternoon before work :) we’ll see how quickly they’ll demolish these!!
Chocolate chip Oreo cookies. Obviously not vegan :( a mate of mine requested these so I gave it a shot. The cookie is vegan, chocolate chips and all, just not the Oreo in the middle. I’m working on creating a vegan wannabe Oreo for this :) Any suggestions on how I’d create the creame in an Oreo?
EDIT: I didn’t even read the ingredients on the Oreo packet, I just assumed they wouldn’t be vegan! (Lazy me! It’s the cream! It’s a trick!) but apparently Oreos are vegan!! (well depending on the supplier, sometimes the refined sugar is filtered through bone char) but the ingredients themselves are vegan. Either way there is a feckload of sugar in these so if you’re giving this cookie a try I hope you have a sweet tooth!! :P
Melt in the middle vegan chocolate cookies :) mmmmmm so good!!
got my bake sesh on :P
Double-sided dark chocolate/chocolate orange Viennese biscuit balls :) Sorry it’s blurry, my phone camera lense was all sweaty in my kitchen haha
If unicorns shat rainbows and millions of tiny pixies collected them from the clouds and flew them deep into their glowing burrows where they were handcrafted into magical cookies, THIS is what the final outcome was. 
Okay, so maybe a slight exaggeration, but they tasted wonderful and had an amazing soft and chewy texture with a slight crunch on the rim. I’m almost dribbling just typing this… mmmmm.